Personal Injury Protection – From Professional to Amateur Athletes

30th November 2016

As a professional sportsman and the nature of my sport I play, injuries are a common thing. I’ve been searching the market for a while now to find comprehensive insurance cover for my professional needs, having no luck i was very disappointed that companies did not insure professional athletes. Until a member of my family, who is an insurance broker phoned me a told me about a new product on the market that actually covered professional sports people. It was added to my existing life insurance for £3/month with a pay out of up to £6000 for the more serious injuries.

The insurance policy covers Ligament tears, Tendon ruptures, Fractures and Dislocations which are very common amongst sports people. Also available ‘WorldClass Global’ treatment, ‘Best Doctors’ and ‘Bupa’ helpline.

If you would like to know more information and a hassle free quote here are Marc’s contact details.

Email; [email protected]

Or private message myself via my social media and I will forward your number on to him so he can give you a call.



PLEASE NOTE; This is not just for athletes involved in sports its for everyone that might be affect by injury!!!!!!




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